“AMAAN QUASIM MOTION PICTURES isn't just another run of the mill film production company. Ironically placed next to an actual mill for some poetic retribution we however weave better stories than they do yarns (not entirely sure if we are allowed to say that, but we probly do.) We’ve got better visuals on ours too! Ok that stops there. We’re a congregration of artists avowed to a higher creativity . Steeped in piety and with religious devotion to the higher arts, we can sermonize the best of stories to convert the staunchest non-believers. Non believers in the power of films that is. WE Convert – DREAMS into REALITY !”

Amaan Quasim Motion Pictures Pvt. Ltd.

AQ Motion Pictures is the way to communicate with the viewer and add depth to the story. We create ads, title sequences for movies, subtitles and credits in TV programs and films. We use motion graphics in your own awareness to craft a powerful story and use animation to support it.

Amaan Quasim Motion Pictures - AMU Promo Video

Put simply, motion graphics are animation with text and videos (as a major component) to share information. Our customers use motion graphics to communicate their messages to the world.

Amaan Quasim Motion Pictures - Vikas Gupta (MTV Ace of Space)

We believe that it is all about the story. Thereís no need for color or fancy designs in order to share something that matters. Sometimes, the simplest designs can illustrate a story in a more direct way, while keeping the integrity of the story intact.